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 Water Bill FAQ

How can I have my bill sent to a different address?
To make changes in your mailing address for the water/sewer billing, please contact the Finance Office at 410-848-3255.
Where can I pay my bill?
The water/sewer bills can be paid at the Finance Office, located at 56 West Main Street, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Credit card payments can also be made by phone: 410-848-3255 using Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Online Bill Pay is now available by clicking here.
I'll be away for a few months.  Can I have my water turned off?
If your property will be vacant for several months, you may call our office to have the water turned off at the curb. Service will be reinstated at no charge, upon your request.
I am a landlord and my tenant hasn't paid his water bill, am I responsible?
Tenants may be billed at the request of the landlord. However, any unpaid balances will become the responsibility of that landlord. If you choose to bill the Tenant, as a Landlord (and property owner/manager), you will receive a COPY of all water bills associated with that property.

*Click here to download and print the Tenant Authorization Form*
Can I purchase water to fill my swimming pool?
Water for filling pools will be registered on your water meter and billed as normal consumption used for both water and sewer billing.
Why is my bill so high?
The water meter for your property is the basis for determining consumption. Our experience has been that high utility bills are caused by large amounts of water going through the water meter. This may be caused by high consumption, or leaks within the property. We ask our customers to be aware of any problems with internal plumbing fixtures. Even a small leak can cause an elevation in your billing amount.

Information on conservation measures that may reduce your bill
I am moving/selling my house. What should I do?
If you are moving, or selling your property, please call the Finance Office at 410-848-3255 to schedule a final reading 48 hours in advance of your settlement or your moving date. A final bill will be issued at that time.